What Is SpaceTime Within Thought Theory?

In thought theory, SpaceTime is defined very simply: the line represents Space and the circle represents Time:


The network pattern demonstrates how the two concepts differ in shape, meaning, and function. For example, time is circular and is used for storage, while space is linear and is used for motion.

In contrast, the union pattern reveals an intersection between them.


Using patterns to describe spacetime is the ultimate method for developing a clearer picture of its true structure.

If patterns are considered to be actual objects that inhabit the universe, then the Universe is quite simply an architecture of self-similar circles and lines spread across some depth (ie. fractal cosmology).


The organization of patterns could help explain why the Universe is non-homogenous and may even explain the existence of dark matter and energy.


Since symbols are fundamentally connected to matter, every atom of matter is a reflection of one or more patterns in mindspace.

Think of a single atom, or any arrangement of atoms, as the tip of a metaphysical iceberg.

Iceberg Dimensions

At the top, we see matter, however hiding below it are patterns. And Quantum Mechanics is the scientific description for how these patterns interact beneath the surface and into the abstract space.

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