Symbols Manifest Reality

Reality isn't a single environment, instead it is a collection of billions and trillions of overlapping realities. People are at the centers of these enviroments and exert influence on their environments. For instance, a person that like baseball will likely be seen wearing baseball related clothing.

Inside every environment are arrangements of matter that reflect the values of those minds that control it.

Within a restaurant for example, the material arrangements will be in forms of decorations, menus, food, etc. The arrangements are designed and brought there by the minds occupying and supporting the restaurant.

Thinking people, working within organizations, appear to manifest symbolic arrangements; and if the minds of the working people disappear from the organization, the arrangements of matter that form the environment will in time fade away and disappear from it.

The arrangements of matter that we see around us, are assembled and driven into motion by an invisible network of patterns. These patterns are the relationships that hold everything together, and minds compete to exert their control over them.


What this means: If a group of minds is well organized, their environment will appear to flourish and its symbols will reproduce and spread across lots of environments. However, if its minds are badly organized, the environment will appear to fail and its symbolic arrangements of matter will disappear.

There is a universal equilibrating process that reflects matter in direct relation to a configuration of patterns.

In the event of a failing restaurant, for example, a special donor could come in and replace all of its equipment, menus, branding, etc. However over time, if the groups of minds that operate the restaurant have not reconfigured their abstract mental patterns that led to the failure in the first place, the restaurant's material environment will be forced to regress back until it equilibrates itself with the mental patterns supporting it.

'Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.'

Receivers of charity (and lottery) often fail, simply because the structure of their mental patterns are incapable of supporting some overbearing value, and inevitably, their inability to maintain the environment is a result of the hidden hyper-dimensional balancing process.

In the future, instead of manipulating matter within an environment directly (such as material donation), which lead to mind-matter imbalances (leading to corruption), we will discover how to manipulate minds and manipulate arrangements of matter indirectly, by taking advantage of the mind-matter balancing mechanism.

Successful people often access this level of abstraction in their own minds, however the mathematics and rules behind it have never been scientifically explained.

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